We are excited to announce our planned breeding spring 2020

https://www.facebook.com/jamballvizsla/JamBall J for Joe & am for Amy we came up with Jam and Ball of course is our last name. Having Vizslas for over twenty years has led us on some wonderful adventures and introduced us to great people. Joe and I enjoy hunting our vizslas, we compete in Field Trials & Hunt test. Joe is a a judge for the AKC (American Kennel Club) We also show our dogs in the ring. Our goal with breeding is to have a versatile hunting dog that is a fabulous couch potato too. Good temperament is extremely important to us along with a healthy bloodlines. All our dogs have CHIC #’s certified by the OFA (The Canine Health information Center) for Thyroid, Elbows, Hips, Heart, & Eyes.  Our dogs:

CH Creme De La Creme Brule AKC# SR18880607 CHIC#102156 *Retired*

CH Jamball’s Dulcinea of Red Oak AKC# SR73021001 CHIC#131180

Blitzkrieg Bop AKC# SR18880607 CHIC #111390

Jamball’s True Lavender Joy AKC# SR67550804 CHIC#138321

CH Jamball’s Veruca Salt I Want it Now! AKC# SR970966001 CHIC#138136

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